Rose and Laurel

Luxury Floral Studio

Luxury floral design studio specializing in weddings and events. Based out of Minnesota, and available for travel throughout the U.S.

Classical Floristry that Captivates

About the Designer

Design is communicating what truly matters

Sarah Bruxvoort founded Rose and Laurel to create custom floral design rooted in luxury, heritage, and sustainability. She prioritizes locally grown blooms in her designs, making every arrangement bespoke to her clients. Her flowers are opulent, elevating the environment into a sentimental and sensual experience.

Known for floristry which is


Rose and Laurel is a floral studio that is dedicated to the quality of craft, from the finest cut flowers, to the vessel they are designed in. All handcrafted to celebrate your biggest moments.

Discover Floral Design that Communicates What is IMportant

True, deep beauty communicates intimate knowledge. We ask questions during our design process to draw out what matters most to you. In this way, our floral design goes beyond beautiful, and is truly impactful for you.

We serve a limited number of clients each season. Each event, including our design process, is tailored to each client for a truly bespoke experience.

Sarah’s dedication to each individual client is evident through the work that she does. It’s delicate, intentional, timeless.

Courtney, 2021 Bride

Ask the Florist®

Resources from Rose and Laurel

Whether you just started your flower journey, looking for tutorials on how to hold your bouquet, or wondering what sustainable floristry really means, we are passionate about empowering people with information. Ask the Florist® is your complimentary resource for all things flowers.