Wedding and Editorial Floral Studio
in the Twin Cities

Designing luxury flowers with a timeless aesthetic, using only the highest quality flowers and sustainable design methods. 

You have one chance to get your wedding flowers right.

You’ve been scrolling for hours and all the wedding flowers are starting to look the same. You’ve seen a lot of flowers you don’t like. And some you do. But now you’re overwhelmed and not sure what you like anymore. All you know is your vision for a sophisticated and timeless wedding is being overrun by opinions from everyone.

Your wedding flowers are a once in a lifetime purchase. They should be designed with quality craftsmanship that reflects you and your values. And your guests should be talking about them for days after the wedding is over.

We get wedding flowers right.

Our timeless flowers are designed with quality product and craftsmanship that reflects you and your values. Our flowers will have your guests talking, and your photographer drooling. Make your wedding the one you (and everyone there) will remember forever.

This girl is TALENTED. First of all, she is incredibly patient as we worked through different variations on flowers for a wedding and each time, came back with beautiful and creative options. She was responsive, flexible and sweet throughout the whole process. On the day of the wedding, she came ready to rock and put together STUNNING arrangements that the bride and mother of the bride fell in love with. I loved planning this wedding with her and cannot wait to collaborate on more weddings and events!


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From the Studio of Sarah Bruxvoort

Owner and Creative Director

When a friend asked for help with her wedding décor, Sarah was pursuing a masters in interior design and working as a project coordinator in biotech… but that wedding started something special.

Following several years of research and design practice, Sarah launched Rose and Laurel. Immediately recognized for her dedication to the craft by industry leaders, she has already been featured in Florist Review Magazine, Team Flower podcast and blog, the Flower Podcast, Botanical Brouhaha, as well as Minnesota Bride Magazine.

Sarah continues her love of academia and design by studying sustainable and historic methods of design, utilizing them in practical applications at Rose and Laurel.

She holds a Bachelors from Northwestern College and a Certificate in Floral Design from Pratt Institute.


I had such peace of mind working with her, knowing that all my preferences would be heard and that her expertise would take care of the rest. And the final product was STUNNING. I cannot say enough how gorgeous everything was. …everything she touched far exceeded my expectations down to the tiniest of details. It was everything I could have hoped for and more.