A Florists 4 Top Tips for Charcuterie


How do I style a charcuterie board? When it comes to entertaining visual presentation is everything! As a florist, most of the decisions I make around your floral design will start with the visual presentation. So, following these four tips will help you think like a florist when you style your next charcuterie board. This is what I do to turn a party into an evening to remember! So, how should your style your charcuterie board? Here are my top tips (as a florist!) to creating your next charcuterie board:

Tip #1 Start with a beautiful tray

For a warm and inviting look, try butcher block boards and serving trays. For a modern and minimal look, I recommend a granite or marble board. Vary heights with cake stands or baskets. Little bowls are perfect for small berries, honey, or spreads. HINT: Marble absorbs everything, so stick with bread and crackers on these types of boards, or you’ll be left with oil stains from your cheese, or lingering order from your meats.

Tip #2 Color outside the lines.

Don’t be afraid to go outside the confines of your serving platters! Nothing is more inviting than a bunch of grapes spilling onto the table or berries that have “jumped ship” from their serving bowl. Let this be the aesthetic element that gives some luxe elements to your board. Keeping things sanitary is important though, so place food for service with a serving utensil right next to this “loose” food element so your guests are at ease. HINT: Sanitize your surfaces before setting up your display regardless!

Tip #3 Choose Special Serving Utensils

Make sure spoons, cheese knives, and tongs are at the ready! Here, we kept it from looking too sterile by using antique silver. That’s what it was made for! We promise Grandma will be thrilled that it’s being used.

Tip #4 Don’t forget the flowers!

Flowers communicate to your guests that this party is special! If you are incorporating flowers into the food display, make sure you have purchased chemical free flowers from your local flower farmer or florist. (find a farmer near you HERE!) Imported blooms are sprayed heavily with insecticides and herbicides and should not be placed on any surfaces with your food! You can pick up a loose bunch to arrange yourself, or contact your florist to create centerpieces for you!

These are four of the basic building blocks of styling a beautiful charcuterie display! As a florist I often work directly with caterers and planners to create beautiful and jaw-dropping displays that keep guests coming back again and again. I hope these charcuterie tips are helpful for you as you plan your next party –regardless of the number of guests!

Throwing a party in the Twin Cities? You’ll need flowers! Send me an email at sarah@roseandlaurelmn.com and we will design flowers that will make your guests say, “wow.”


Photography Nikole Ruth | Creative Direction and Floral Design Rose and Laurel

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