You live your life according to your values. So why compromise on your wedding day?

Settling for “pretty” at the expense of sustainability and deeper meaning results in a cookie cutter design that will live forever in a landfill.

Here, we are bold in our design. Uncompromising in our values.

The result? Flowers customized to you, with minimal environmental impact.


You’ve heard of farm-to-table, my studio is a part of the farm-to-florist movement. I prioritize local and USA-grown blooms in all of my design work, and developed relationships with farmers here in Minnesota to source stunning blooms of the highest quality. I’ve even worked with growers to plan specialty colors and varieties for my clients!

Rose and Laurel® is a proud member of the Slow Flower Society and Twin Cities Flower Exchange.


Sustainable design practices are a cornerstone of this studio. This means my designs are created directly into water, with the inner-workings of each arrangement fully reusable, compostable or recyclable. We are a foam-free studio.

As of January 2022 Rose and Laurel® will no longer use bleached, preserved, or painted floral in any of our designs.


The classic style of design that I use isn’t just because it’s beautiful. Nature is the ultimate guide for a timeless look. So, I design inspired by how flowers would grow while infusing details inspired by your own heritage. This creates a completely custom look.

Every detail is important because the goal is to create floral design that will stand the test of time.


Sarah Bruxvoort

Owner, Creative Director

I help couples achieve meaningful floral design because I approach every event with a clear vision and strong belief. A vision specific to you and belief that nature is precious.

This way of designing takes effort, and I’m no stranger to the work involved in thoughtful design. After college I worked in bio tech and medical manufacturing with demanding deadlines, and strict quality standards. Then, I found flowers.

I saw an opportunity in that first wedding, to push the industry forward in terms of sustainability, and aesthetic, and Rose and Laurel® was born.

Since then, this studio has become known for our eco-friendly approach, and classic style that will stand the test of time.

Sarah holds a B.A. from Northwestern College, and a certificate in Floral Art Design from Pratt Institute, NY.

As Seen In

…everything she touched far exceeded my expectations down to the tiniest of details.

It was everything I could have hoped for and more. If you’re looking for floral design for any occasion, I would highly recommend contacting Rose and Laurel® as soon as you can!

Zelphia Brown, 2019 Bride

Why the Name “Rose and Laurel®”? 

Simply put, Rose and Laurel® represents passion and dedication to quality craftsmanship.

The full story is a little more involved:  my side of the family is obsessed with the Olympics. You can count on every Olympiad, we’ll be there watching every minute of it. As a kid, the Olympics were inspirational in a way nothing else could be. Here were athletes, at the absolute peak of performance. Passionate in their pursuits, representing the best of their sport.

I had just had our first child, and it was the summer Olympics. I sat there, watching as I practiced making a flower crown with grocery store roses, and I remembered when the Olympics were in Greece. That particular year was memorable for me, because instead of receiving a bouquet of flowers or a plush toy with their medals, the athletes received a crown of laurel leaves, like in the original Olympics.

About five-trains-of-thought later, the crown in my hand, and the crown of laurel leaves came together to form: Rose and Laurel®. Passion and dedication culminating in a result of the highest quality.