Meet Sarah

Owner, Creative Director

I design wedding flowers, so you can have the perfect wedding. Because you only get once chance to get it right. I am here to help you achieve wedding perfection the first time.

Because the last thing you want on your wedding day is to be disappointed by boring, rinse-and-repeat-designs.

I was pursuing a masters in interior design and working as a project coordinator in biotech when a friend asked for help on her wedding…

Now, I help you by designing stunning wedding flowers that will make your guests do a double-take.


Because doing something the right way, means you need knowledge and practice.

My background in design means I can help you pick colors that complement the season of your wedding, your venue, and your heirloom lace from your grandmother’s gown. 

My commitment to research means we’ll pick the best flowers that grow here in the USA. And if that means calling two dozen growers to find the perfect color mauve hydrangea, I’m on it. 

Timeless design means our flowers are different. No roses shoved and smashed against each other. No balls of flowers that look like they might roll off the table Indiana-Jones style. 

But enough talk – see for yourself! 

The Team

Each wedding produced by Rose and Laurel is totally custom. From installations to centerpieces, each wedding requires a team of individuals to design it right the first time. We are honored to have many talented florists work with Rose and Laurel on a event-by-event basis. Each wedding or event team is individually selected based on their skillset and design strengths to make the event flawless. We are able to support our Minnesota floral contractor community, and select those designers who we have personally vetted and designed alongside, to make each event absolutely perfect.  

Why the Name “Rose and Laurel”? 

Simply put, Rose and Laurel represents “Practice, and one chance to get it right.”

The full story is a little more involved:  my side of the family is obsessed with the Olympics. You can count on every Olympiad, we’ll be there watching every minute of it. As a kid, the Olympics were inspirational in a way nothing else could be. Here were athletes, at the absolute peak of performance – with only one chance to get it right.

I had just had our first child, and it was the summer Olympics. I sat there, watching as I practiced making a flower crown with grocery store roses, and I remembered when the Olympics were in Greece. That particular year was memorable for me, because instead of receiving a bouquet of flowers or a plush toy with their medals, the athletes received a crown of laurel leaves, like in the original Olympics.

About five-trains-of-thought later, the crown in my hand, and the crown of laurel leaves came together to form “Rose and Laurel.” Practice, culminating in one chance to get it right.

Next Steps…