Classically inspired floral design


Because NaturE Is Timeless

You are searching for floral design that will remain timeless for years, and is inspired by what is classic.

You want environmentally conscious design that is opulent, never ostentatious.

You understand that floral design is a bespoke creation that celebrates nature, is rich in meaning, and captivates all who see it.

As Seen In



You have big dreams and you need a creative who gets it. Someone who can bring the fuzzy images in your head into sharp focus.

I help dreamers like you achieve stunning floral design that prioritizes our local growers and our planet – all with an aesthetic inspired by historic romanticism.

I believe that floral design should enhance your setting, which is why I so often draw inspiration from historic architecture and paintings.

The result is flowers that create a sensuous experience for the beholder… all while celebrating the inherent beauty of nature.

Experience Our flowers

Real Weddings and Editorial Concepts Featuring our Signature Fine Art Style

I was looking for a florist who could really help me with the process, be the expert, someone who is attentive and responsive. I had no hesitation in hiring Rose and Laurel®, they were the best in all facets when I compared florists.

Mollie, 2022 Bride

Design ServiCes

The design process with Rose and Laurel® is comprehensive, with services for both private clients and brands looking to elevate their product.

  • Weddings and Events
  • Brand Events and Editorials
  • Creative Direction and Styling

All our projects are conceptualized and executed with the same commitment to foam-free design, locally-sourced blooms, and a timeless aesthetic.

My hope for my wedding day was to be carefree and know that everything would come together how I envisioned it.

Sarah and her team made that happen!

Anna, 2021 Bride

Ask the Florist®

It’s hard to know what questions you should be asking your florist. That’s why I started the blog, Ask the Florist®. Because you shouldn’t have to be a florist to get your questions answered.

Perfect for the analyst in your life who wants to understand how everything works. Answers to all your questions…even the ones you didn’t know to ask!

Sarah is beyond wonderful… not only is her joyful spirit contagious, she goes above and beyond for her clients.

Shasta Bell, Stationer and Photographer

Flowers that Celebrate the inherent beauty of Nature.