On Walden Pond

Inspired by the writings of Thoreau in his work, Walden, this editorial seeks to inspire awareness of place and provide inspiration for a wedding at home. It is simple in concept, and with a deep appreciation for natural beauty and the roots of home. It is only appropriate that this editorial features flowers and foliage that are seasonal to the area.

As Seen On

Locally grown tulips and spirea are the highlights of the floral design, conceived by Sarah Bruxvoort of Rose and Laurel. The dock on this private property had an existing shrub which served as the inspiration for the illusion arch. An installation not simply there because it could be, but because it was meant to be there. The conceptualization of nature inherent to place, translated beautifully with handmade headpieces by Nea Milano. They echo the natural landscape and give the impression that our bride has simply walked from the woods into her wedding day. The vintage gown sourced from Gossamer provided an additional layer of texture, and the translucence of the fabric allowed light to play between the layers. Much like the light of the wood shines through the layers of leaves and branches, before landing on the still waters of the pond. 

We were delighted to find a fawn near our dinner table, quietly resting while its mother walked in the distant woods, never too far away. We left the little one to his spot next to the wildflowers. A quiet and still reminder of the wonder and beauty that can be found in our own backyard, if only we quiet ourselves to observe it. 

Photographer Shasta Bell Photographie | Creative Direction and Floral Design Rose and Laurel | Film Lab Richard Photo Lab | Gown Gossamer | Coronets Nea Milano | Venue Private Residence | Cake Designer Rose and Laurel | Ribbon and Napkins | Silk and Willow Stationer Shasta Bell Calligraphy | Local Flowers Blue Sky Flower Farm Green Earth Growers

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