Rental and Sundries catalog

Rose and Laurel | 2024

Custom Sourcing availible

We hold accounts at coveted retailers including Pottery Barn, Napa Home and Garden, Creative Co-op, and more. We are able to source based on your individual event designs. Simply reach out to with your custom rental request.


Windsor Bud Vases, Small, Medium, Large
Cambridge Compote
Devon Dish
Cornwall Bowl
Wessex Urn
Norfolk Urn
Devon Compote
Westminster Compote
Sussex Bowl
Oxford Bust I
Oxford Bust II
Oxford Bust III

Terra Cotta

Provence Pot
Loire candle, small
Loire Compote Small
Loire Urn
Provence Compote
Loire Compote Large


Athens Planter, Large, Medium
Rhodes Planter, Large
Thebes Bowl
Thebes Compote


Carnegie Urn
Rockefeller Urn, Large and Small


Nantucket Taper Large
Nantucket Bowl
Nantucket Taper Small


Seville Bowl
Seville Compote
Seville Taper Candle, Small, Medium, Large


Palermo Bud Vase, Small, Medium, Large
Verona Cloche, Large
Verona Cloche, Small
Venice Compote
Florence Urn
Milan Bud Vase
Palermo Hurricane, 6″, 7″, 9″
Palermo Hurricane, 16″
Palermo Planter